Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wednesday is rapidly becoming one of my favorite days of the week. It marks the middle of the work week (so you know the weekend is almost here!) and it is a running day for me!

This morning's run felt really good. I'm getting better (slowly but surely) with my form and was also a teeny tiny bit faster today...

The weather was also nice (and stayed nice the entire day)...
(It didn't feel that humid at all)

I've been doing as much reading as possible on running form...trying to find tips and tricks that will help me. I came across this article by Erick Taylor that discusses strength and mobility exercises...

And, because I am always trying to improve as a runner, I also read this article by Pete Rea. The article discusses 10 "secrets" that will help you take your running to the next level...
I loved that he talked about the importance of incorporating hill training and "non-running exercise" into your training plan. I don't do a lot of hill work, but I really need to start. And as much as the elliptical machine is growing on me, I need to start swimming again.

I know that all the effort and energy that I put into my training now will pave the way for the type of marathon experience I have next year in Chicago...

A friend of mine recently asked me how I stay motivated to run a race that is over a year away and my answer is: I am taking the time to enjoy each step in the journey. Plus, I need time to build my foundation fitness and endurance levels. Most of my friends have been running for years, and even on the blogs I follow those ladies have been running for a long time. I just started last year, which at times makes me frustrated because I want to see more progress, but also helps to remind me that I won't be able to run as well or as fast as a seasoned runner with 5+ years of running experience. When I complete the Chicago Marathon in 2015 it will be after years (literally) of blood, sweat, toenails and tears. That's one medal that I am looking forward to putting around my neck.

I won't go all that time without doing another race, but I am still trying to finalize which ones. I want to do a couple of half marathons. I'm thinking about completing 3 in the Florida Storm Series so that I can get a Category 3 medal...

And then I plan on running in the 2015 Wings for Life World Run. They haven't posted any information about locations for next year, but I know it's scheduled for May 3rd 2015 and I'm really looking forward to that race.

On a completely unrelated note...I signed up for the's "word of the day" feature a few weeks ago (you're never too old to learn new vocabulary). Today's word was pulchritudinous (adj. Physically beautiful; comely). Body image has been a recent theme in the runner's blogging community and it isn't surprising that most people don't view themselves as being pulchritudinous. What's important to remember is that physical beauty is subjective...and it's fleeting. True beauty comes from within.

What are your upcoming races for the Fall season?

Is anybody doing the Florida Storm Series races?


  1. I've never really thought about running as having "form" but in the past I used to have to visit a coach for poor flexibility and swelling in my ankles because of bad running form during lacrosse. Now it makes more sense that you could improve your running with proper form, just like any other exercise.

    Also, don't get discouraged just because people are farther ahead than you are right now. The time will pass regardless, so just keep on doing what you've been doing, set goals, challenge yourself, and don't stop learning on how to become better. Good luck in 2015, you'll do awesome.

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to stay positive and just focus on the incremental improvements I see in my performance :)
      I hope all the issues with your ankles have resolved!


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