Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Morning Run!

You know your weekend is off to a great start when you finish your LR before 07:30am on a Saturday morning!

This morning I ran with my friend Jeanette. Her husband, Alex, also ran but he is a lot faster than we are so once he took off we didn't see him again until after. 
(This was not true today since Alex did 5 miles was their "down" week)

We went to the park by her house for the start and then ran through several neighborhoods. It was an amazing run! We started off with two sets of a 2:1 interval ratio but then we moved up to 3:1 and I was able to keep up with her the entire time. And she would give me reminders to "relax my shoulders" etc when I would start to tense up. I LOVED it! I can't wait to run with her again. Summary pics below...

My average overall pace was a bit slower but in the general range...
Jeanette uses Garmin and her summary mileage and pace were different from mine so I took a few pics of her watch as well...
It's hard to see but her summary mileage says 5.18 miles (compared to my 5.38 above) and overall average pace of 14:06 mins/mile (compared to my 13:43)

Me and Jeanette after we finished...
(I think I look like a "caution" cone in that bright orange top) 

I have a bunch of stuff to do today and am still contemplating what to do with my Sunday morning LR session time. Kaiyu claims she wants to run tomorrow and we all know those moments of her wanting to "run with her mom" are fleeting, so even though I don't typically run two days in a row, I just might tomorrow. We'll see.

Have a great weekend! I hope your LRs are FANTASTIC!!!!!

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