Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gym day!

I saw this today and just had to share it...
That describes me perfectly! I haven't been running with music a lot recently but I have been adding songs to my playlist for when I restart my music phase and also for when I do my workouts at the gym. 

Today was a gym day! Instead of choosing between cardio and weights I decided to do a little bit of both this morning. I woke up later than normal (went to bed late last night) and after snoozing my alarm a few times I finally got up. I got to the gym at 3:40am and did my workout session for about an hour.

Today's workout summary...

I anticipate my arms will be sore tomorrow so I've been massaging them throughout the day (I'm hoping that massaging will make a difference).

I also did my wall sit challenge twice today, once this morning and once in the afternoon. I achieved (and passed) my goal time both times!
The morning session was 71 seconds and the afternoon session was 80 seconds. I'm right on track!!
Well, I wasn't exactly "suffering" but I definitely felt my muscles burning!

I'm going to keep the goal time of 80 seconds for tomorrow (day 8) because I run in the morning and my legs will more than likely be tired. I will probably just do one session as well (I don't want to go overboard). Next month I'm thinking about doing a 30 day plank challenge. We should declare October as National Plank Challenge month!

I did ALOT of foam rolling today. Tomorrow is my running day so I wanted to "prep" my muscles. In keeping with that I also massaged my muscles after with Icyhot. Thankfully they were not too sore today.

I came across a very popular article a few days ago that highlights the 25 Golden Rules of Running.
Most of them are well established in the running community. We've all been told things like "don't eat anything new before or during a race" or "run facing traffic" etc.
Golden Rules are great, and they are definitely helpful for new runners (am I still considered a new runner if I've been at this over a year?). Ultimately however, every runner has to decipher what works best for them. Sometimes that will only come after a few periods of trial and error. For example, I don't typically follow the 10% rule for mileage increase. The Jeff Galloway training plan has a slow build-up initially and then you taper back and forth between your long run mileage increases and your recovery long runs. I have used the 10% rule on different occasions but in general the Galloway plan works well for me. There is no "one size fits all" training plan or golden rule. That's one of the things that makes running so great...anyone can do it (if they are physically able). I mean, if I can do it then trust me anyone can!

What are some of the Golden Rules that you follow? Which ones do you completely ignore?

Are there any other wall sit challenge participants out there? How is it going? What day are you on?

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