Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday LR running loop...

Long run Sunday!!!!! It seemed like I hadn't run in such a long time (since I took Friday as a rest day) so I was excited about my long run this morning.
Before I headed out to go running I decided to do my wall sit challenge for today (day 14)...

I start with my running group next week (and they start with 3 miles) so I scheduled myself to do 8 miles today.

The weather was ok, not hot but humid...

The morning sky...

The school storm warning system was alarming so I decided to run in a 1 mile loop (close to where my car was parked). I was hot and not doing my best pace at all this morning, but to be completely honest I have not been eating as properly as I should have been this past week (....pistachio cake.....fried foods....candy....). Diet affects your performance, it's as simple as that...

Still having issues with form but my legs are getting stronger. I can tell the difference both during and after my run

Summary pics of this morning's session...

After my run I did a little recovery and then I was back on the road to finish errands (mainly grocery shopping). I came back home and made my famous red peas soup for dinner...
This is one of my favorite meals to make.....It was so yummy!

I'm icing my knee and relaxing for the rest of the day. I definitely feel tired. I'm going to do some foam rolling later :) and tomorrow is my rest day (but I plan on doing some yoga or pilates tomorrow).

Have a great Sunday!

What is your #1 favorite thing to cook (or bake)?

How was your LR this weekend? 

What is your LR preference: 
1. Run in a short distance loop (several times)
2. Run "straight out and back"
3. Run a long route where only the start and finish are the same
4. Run a long route where the start and finish are different.....(how do you get back to your car??)


  1. I'm new to your blog and I love it! My long run today was 14 miles and I prefer out and backs the best!

    I love to cook spaghetti, or anything simple with pasta. I love to bake chocolate chip cookies. :)

    1. Nice 14 miles!!! For your out and back runs do you have 1 specific route you run or do you mix it up?
      Ohhhh spaghetti is my "go-to" pasta dish too! I always seem to make too much noodles and not enough sauce though ;)
      Thanks for the kind words. Please keep visiting :)


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