Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday is the new Monday....and other tangent thoughts

The only good thing about having to be at work at 04:30am is the lack of traffic on the road. But when the clock in your car shows this...
you should either be headed to your bed, a race, or the gym...not to work.

My workout had to be done at home in the evening today since work duties beckoned at such ghastly hours of the morning. So since my goal of spending an hour at the gym this morning didn't quite work out as planned, I focused on stuff I could do at home..
Sit ups 5 sets of 20; 
Planks x 1 minute; 
Wall sit challenge x 4 minutes...
(I pressed the lap button by accident but I didm't stop I promise, I really did  4 mins straight)
I get daily motivation for my wall sit challenge from another blogger I follow (Canadian Girl Runs) who has surpassed the 5 minute mark (very cool!). I wasn't sure I would ever be able to make it past the 4 minute mark...aiming for 5 minutes is the next step :)

I ordered a canvas print of one of my favorite pictures of Kaiyu and I and finally got it today (after fighting with the delivery company for the past week)...
She isn't a big picture taker so on such a rare occasion when I get a genuine smile capturing it on canvas seemed like the most logical thing to do

Since I "liked" the Runner's World Facebook page a few weeks ago I have been saturated with great articles. I read this one today (snippet below) and especially liked the last line..."Resist the urge to bail on competing just because you're afraid you'll fall short". 
That has got to be one of the best statements I've heard about running/racing and about life. Often our fears and disappointing training sessions cause doubts to negatively forecast what we believe our performance in the next race will be....we can't allow that to happen. There are so many factors that impact our training and our race day performance. We may not be/feel 100% at our best leading up to a race/event, but doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Having an injury is a different story obviously; if you're injured you need to rest and recover appropriately. However, many times it's an ego injury that keeps us from racing, not a physical one...

I've decided to try and not post my planned workouts for the week before they happen (too often something goes wrong) to see if that makes a difference in what actually gets completed (Murphy's Law and all). So tomorrow I plan on doing "something" but I won't say one more word until my blog post tomorrow night. 

Three more days til the weekend!

How are your workout sessions/training runs going this week?

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