Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Short Post...

I spend a lot of time obsessing over researching various running related things. A recent addition to my list of running "research topics" has been running shorts. I'm new to the world of running shorts because (like most women) there are areas of my body that I typically prefer to keep covered. My legs are one of those areas...
While I have gained a lot more confidence and most some of my body image issues have subsided since I started running, my recent gravitation towards running shorts has been necessitated primarily by the insane S. FL weather (like the >80% humidity levels). Heat and humidity don't work well with being all covered up. In fact, I found some pretty standard recommendations for how you should dress for your run based on the temperatures outside...

Since the temperatures are far above 60 degrees here in S. FL (for most of the year) I think I'm safe to continue on my journey to run in running shorts.

But first I have to find the perfect pair. I prefer shorts that are a little longer (inseam 5" or more) because let's face it, they need need to cover the areas they are supposed to cover when I'm running. Shorts that are too short can "ride up" a bit and may reveal more than my amazing running form.

I saw these shorts online the other day and I love love love them...
But they are too short...and way too expensive.

I also love the Brooks running shorts I got a few weeks ago...
Perfect length (6" inseam) and they were on sale so I got them at a really great price :). 
But I would prefer if they were black or a darker color.

And I also love my MPG Sport shorts...
But they are shorter than I would like so I don't wear them as much

I have a few other pairs that I bought at various stores (mainly Walmart, Target, and Ross) that I've been testing out to see how they hold up. They are not necessarily designed for runners but on some of my shorter runs they work just fine.

Like most things in running, finding the right pair of running shorts involves trial and error. I have quite a few weeks of "running shorts weather" ahead of me so hopefully by the end of the Summer I will find the brand/design that works well for me.

In the meantime I'll be doing my research and focusing on my next running obsession...fine-tuning my nutrition to promote a balanced diet...
Happy Thursday!

What do you prefer to run in?

Any running shorts recommendations?

Do you spend a lot of time researching what running gear/clothing/shoes you're going to get? 


  1. My first running coach told us to dress for twenty degrees above the weather report because your body temp goes up. I like running skirts. I've tried a bunch of brands and found Athleta Lululemon and Sparkle Skirts work the best for me. These days, I'm kind of afraid to expose too much to the sun. I'm trying to figure out how to live with sleeves and higher collars than all of the tanks I have provide.

    I've had some shorts from Victoria's Secret that I like. If you have a store near you with a workout section, you might want to check them out.

    1. I'm definitely going to check out Victoria's Secret. I got a workout top and tights from there as a birthday gift this year, but it's cotton and I don't run in cotton (I sweat too much for that).
      I tried a running skirt once. I wasn't hooked on it but maybe one day I will try it again :)


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