Saturday, May 16, 2015

In Thirty-Five Words or Less...

My birthday week is coming to an end (sadly) but I had the most amazing 35th birthday! The past week has been busy and so I've been kind of M.I.A. from blogging. But, in honor of the big 3-5 I'm going to do a day-by-day recap in 35 words or less...

Eve of my birthday eve. Felt sad about not spending it with my twin sister. Decided to change that. Because life is too short. So I cancelled all Wednesday plans. Booked Tuesday evening flight home...
Woke up early. Went to the gym. Did weights. Went to work (uneventful). Flew home to JA. Stopped for fresh coconut water. Went to my sister's house. Had amazing Chinese food. Spent time with family...
4+miles birthday run. Road trip to Ocho Rios. Went Zip Lining with sisters. Climbed the famous Dunns River Falls. Brother-in-law took pictures. Had Indian food. Headed back to KIN. Birthday cake with family…

First flight to FLL. It was way too early. Went to work. Felt completely exhausted. Still did my push-up challenge. Opted to catch up on House of Cards and sleep over blogging. Didn’t regret it…

Ran 4 miles. Non-stop. Wore new Brooks running shorts. I love them. Went to work. It was “Memorial Pride” day. Got free lunch. Went to the movies with hubby and kid. Avengers2. It was ok...

I had an amazing week! And I still have more celebrating to do this weekend, including lunch with friends and a 10 mile run on Sunday! 

The countdown continues...

How was your week?

Do you do a big celebration on your birthday?

What did you think of the Avengers movie?


  1. Happy Birthday! I don't have many people to celebrate with, so my birthdays tend to be underwhelming.
    I saw Avengers today. I thought it was good, but I liked the first one better. Too many characters now.

    1. Thank you Jennifer!!!! I liked the first Avengers better too :) I liked the new characters in the second one, but I just felt like the story line needed some work. Hope your birthday celebrations get more and more exciting ;)

  2. Happy birthday!! I don't always do big things on my birthday, but it is definitely always a birthday week, and I have mini celebrations all week:)

    1. I'm all for mini-celebrations too :) Just as long as there are celebrations ;)

    2. And thank you so much for the Happy Birthday :) :) :)


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