Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Do You Believe In Magic?

The Jeff Galloway training plan recommends doing a Magic Mile (i.e run one mile non-stop as fast as you can) every couple of weeks or so throughout your training. Based on your Magic Mile time you can determine your min/mile pace for longer distances...

Today's Magic Mile also resulted in a new Garmin record!

Which puts me at (a little less than) a 12min/mile marathon pace. Which works out to a marathon finish time of (approximately) 5 hours and 15 minutes.  My "inside my heart" goal is to be sub-5 hours; but for my first full marathon I know it's probably not realistic to go into the race with rigid time goals.

The Magic Mile from this morning was a part of my mile repeat session (I did 3 miles), and today I discovered that the Garmin Connect website allows me to compare each session...
Some of the information is hard to read but basically my first mile was done in 12:55; my second mile was done in 11:33; and my third "Magic" mile was my record of 9:20. It's nice to be able to do side by side comparisons like this :)

After my 9:20 minute mile I was exhausted!

The humidity was pretty high this morning but I still felt like wearing the running capris and compression sleeves together. Recently I've been wearing a lot more running shorts because of how hot I would get in the capris and running pants I rocked throughout "winter". But for some reason this morning I wanted complete leg coverage (must be one of those days). 

I was drenched in sweat by the end of my run...

My work day wasn't bad. There were two big highlights...
1. Had an amazing lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
2. Got a second confirmation that my travel was approved for the conference I want to go to in July

And at the end of my work day I came home to a nice birthday surprise...

And what appears to be a plain gray running tank turns into this...
This was at the top of my birthday wish list and I finally got it! I'm so excited!!!

You can learn more about the sweat activated message technology and ViewSPORT clothing here.

I can't wait to wear this tank on my long run! I sweat a lot so the "Faster, Better, Stronger" message should be clearly visible by mile 2 of my 14 mile long run on Sunday. I've never run 14 miles before so I'm nervous. It's a training run so I know in the grand scheme of things I shouldn't be nervous, but logic and reason aren't drying up my fears. 

Hopefully by the time Sunday rolls around I'll be fine since I'm only training & running for myself...

Do you incorporate the Magic Mile in your training?

How often do you do mile repeats? How many repeats do you do?

What's your favorite thing about Garmin Connect?

If you don't use Garmin, what running app or watch do you use?


  1. I currently use the nike running app on my phone and have been trying to decide which Garmin will be best for me. I'm running my first half this weekend and am planning to run my first full marathon in September, so I like to read about training plans so I can try to find out which will work best for me. Seems like the Galloway Plan is working well for you!!

    1. Good Luck on your first half! Which one are you doing? And what Full are you going to do?
      I love the galloway plan! I modify some components of it to suit my needs and I also adjusted my run:walk ratios as well, but check out his website and see if it will work for you :)
      I have the Garmin Forerunner 220 and I love it! Best investment (apart from running shoes) I have made so far ;)


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