Thursday, May 21, 2015

Going to Bed Satisfied...

{I wonder how many people clicked on the blog title thinking this post was going to go in an entirely new direction? Hmmm...}

A while back I posted that I was going to implement a new bedtime for myself (read all about it HERE). It isn't going well. The bedtime still exists, I just find myself distracted with a million things and as a result end up going to bed way past it.

And of course the likelihood that I will skip my gym workout is directly proportional to how late I stay up the night before. Needless to say I was up late last night (blogging and reading other blogs) and completely skipped the gym this morning...
Going to bed satisfied means waking up determined

Today's Milepost quote motivated me to make up for skipping the gym this morning with an after-work strength training session. Although I was able to get it done, the crowd in the gym during the "after work hours" takes the fun out of working out for me. Mainly because I'm impatient. And waiting on weight machines requires patience. Of which I have very little. If any at all.

In addition to the Milepost quote, I was also determined to workout today because I over indulged in desserts at the work function I attended....

The thing about tiny cupcakes is that you don't feel guilty about having more than one...or two. But by the time you get to number 5 it's probably time to feel a little guilty. Just a little though. Real guilt doesn't kick in until cupcake #8 ;)

Food is one of the primary reasons why I run...
I don't really drink much (I may have a glass of wine on occasion) but food definitely motivates me to continue to run and workout.

In an effort to improve my workout and training I signed up for the Nike+ training plans that are custom built for Chicago Marathon participants...

The training plan starts in June and although I may not end up deviating from what I'm currently doing to prepare, I think it will be interesting to see what the training looks like (just in case there are things I could/should be doing better).

How was your Thursday?

Do you make up for missed running/cross training sessions by doing them later in the day or do you just skip them altogether?

What's your favorite cupcake flavor?

Have you ever used the Nike+ training plans? What are your thoughts?

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