Monday, May 25, 2015

Aqua Therapy & the Countdown...

The stillness of the water in the pool this morning was the perfect contrast to my state of mind...
Aqua therapy was exactly what I needed

I think I'm beginning to love swimming almost as much as I love running. Almost.
You know you're a swimmer when...

Minor "rings" from this morning's swim...

I didn't spend a long time in the pool. Despite the allure of the quiet solitude, the tranquility couldn't silence the deafening sound of my work obligations for today (which was blasting loudly via the reminder alarm I set last night).

Fortunately I only spent a few hours at work. My "half day" of work left me with enough of the afternoon to enjoy (which I spent grocery shopping and then making tuna sandwiches once I got home). I also spent time reviewing some of the logistics for my upcoming races and associated travel. Some of the races are only a few weeks apart so I decided to do a countdown to help me keep my planning on track...

1. Morgan Valley Half Marathon 
With less than 2 months to go I am not prepared (at all) for the hills and elevation that I'm going to face on this race course. I'm going to have to start doing hill training. I've been saying that for the past few months, yet somehow I still have not done much hill work yet. Apart from the running routes in JA when I travel home, my running elevation normally remains in the single digits. The elevation for this half marathon is over 5,000 ft. It's going to be an interesting run. Potentially deadly. But if I make it then it will be interesting ;)
Things that are pending: hotel, flights (waiting on work travel to get confirmed).
Things completed: race registration.

2. Chicago Marathon 
Chicago is 4 1/2 months away!!!! It seems far. Never mind, no it doesn't. That time is going to fly by before I know it! This is THE race for 2015, but fortunately I'm feeling less nervous about it (at least for right now). Thankfully, the weather should be great for running and the elevation in Chicago is similar to Florida (so no hills to worry about there). My training for Chicago takes me up to 23 miles for my longest LR (which I felt was the perfect compromise between the Jeff Galloway training plan and other traditional training plans that only take you up to 20 miles). 
Things that are pending: travel companions' travel arrangements.
Things completed: race registration, flights, hotel.

3. Disney Wine & Dine 
Coming off the heels of Chicago I have no time expectations for the Disney W&D. Plus the race is at night and I will only have a few weeks of "night time training" to prepare for the event. Despite that, I'm excited about this race because I've been told it's a really great event. It's going to be a "girls weekend" trip for me and one of my best friends (that may end up turning into a work trip if I have to stay and help with case management on the following Monday)
Things that are pending: running costume (mainly the running skirt)
Things completed: race registration, hotel, travel (driving).

4. Naples Fall Classic 
In addition to the beautiful medal, this half also gives out a really nice race shirt. And Naples is such a beautiful city. I can't wait for this half! The course is really scenic as well with a mixture of flat elevation, paved trails and bridges. 
Things that are pending: hotel
Things completed: race registration, travel (driving)

5. Reggae Half
Chicago might be "the" event of the year, but the Reggae Half Marathon will be the perfect event to end the year. I'll be running at home which is priceless (which will be important for me to remember when I see the cost of the airline tickets). 
Things that are pending: race registration, flights
Things completed: hotel

The other potential racing events on my calendar will more than likely be 10Ks (or maybe a few 5Ks since I'm still trying to run a sub-30 minute 5K this year). Unfortunately I don't have anything scheduled yet, but I'll register for more events as soon as I find ones that will work with my very busy training/racing schedule ;)

What's on your race calendar for the rest of the year?

How long after a full marathon do you schedule your next race?

How was your Memorial Day?


  1. Wow! That is a lot of races! (and you are very organized) I wish I liked swimming, but I don't--I get nervous about getting tired in the water--even in a pool.
    A 23 mile long run is long. I did a 20 miler before my marathon (my only marathon). I do feel like a 22 might have helped mentally (those last 6.2 are a beast), however, I do feel like I would have risked injury.
    I am running a marathon in the fall too. I still have to fill in my training plan with races--I am not so organized!!

    1. I'm flexible with the 23 mile LR. I do a 20 miler a few weeks before and I will see how I feel and how I recover from it. I do think the mental preparation is important so I really want to go beyond 20 miles (even if I have to walk the last 3 just so I get accustomed to the time on my feet).
      What fall marathon are you running? Training in the Summer sucks so I might revise my marathon bucket list and switch to mostly Spring marathons (except for Athens. Athens is a definite "must do" event for me) :)

  2. Wow. Good for you. That list sounds amazing. I'm thinking of running my first full marathon in September, but I need to find a good training plan to follow (and I think I need to get more than 20 miles in training). Any suggestions?

  3. I modified the Jeff Galloway training plan and it has been working for me so far. It has 3 days of running and then I cross train or rest on the other days. The Hal Higdon plans are also very popular (they only go up to 20 miles so you might need to build in a few extra weeks of training if you want to go past 20 miles.
    What full are you planing on doing in September?


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