Saturday, May 2, 2015

I think I broke my muscles :(

I think I broke my muscles. My entire upper body is sore from my Push-up Challenge and it's only Day Two. I've been working on trying to get the proper form since Monday, but I still can't do them properly. I found a few tips on push-up progression online today...

My brother suggested that I do upper body weights at the gym to help build-up my arm strength. He also (along with EVERYBODY else that I asked for help with push-ups) suggested that I do the modified ones on my knees because I am, as he gently put it, "struggling to do them".

But I don't want to do the modified ones. I want to do the regular ones. So I'm having an internal temper tantrum about the whole thing. Maybe I should start with the incline push-ups??? I barely got through my attempts at 4 regular push-ups today (I've attempted 3 times), so I'm giving my broken muscles a break until tomorrow.

Today I took Kai to our favorite breakfast spot and had this amazing "really not on the training regime" breakfast...
French Toast with Strawberries :)

It's always easy to get Kai to give me a genuine selfie smile once I've fed her great food ;)

After we ate, we headed up to the BB&T center for the packet pick-up for the Wings for Life World Run event tomorrow. Kai and I got there really really early so the only thing set-up (apart from the packet pick-up station) was the map of the course for tomorrow's run...
The course goes all the way out to mile... SEVENTY FOUR!!!!

I got my race swag...

They already have the date set for 2016...
This really is for a great cause so I hope more and more people participate. Just being a part of a global run where everyone (no matter which country they are running in) starts at the same time is amazing!

What did you do to improve your push-up technique?

What's your favorite breakfast food?

Are you running/racing the weekend?

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