Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Numbers (v. 3.22)...

Today marks Day 81 of my running and blogging streak...
The hardest part of doing a streak is trying to cram 30 hours of stuff to do into a 24 hour day. The more "mandatory" things on my daily agenda the more I haven't had as much time for the "non-mandatory but equally important" fun things like, catching up on my shows on Hulu and jigsaw puzzles and sleep. Ok, sleep is mandatory but I really haven't been getting enough (despite moving my morning runs to the evening). 

Today's evening run was at a 10:08 min/mile pace; which is closer to my goal so I felt pretty happy with it...

With today's run I added 1 more mile to my 2017 running mileage for a current total of: 193.5 miles. 

Today also marks 75 days that my uncle and cousin have been missing...
We still don't have any news and no real idea where they are... just a lot of speculation and earnest prayers for their safety and that we will find them soon. 

I was a bit quiet and reserved at work today (more than usual at least) because I was thinking about my family, thinking about other stressors, and working on the minutes from my meetings yesterday. I'm trying a new approach to my meeting minutes called "just get them over with". I finished the minutes for my first meeting today, and tomorrow I'll work on the minutes for the second meeting. Then I won't have to think about them for a loooong time (well until I start preparing for the next committee meeting and have to email them out for final review). 

I was also kind of quiet today because the week is almost over and I've realized that my lungs aren't being very cooperative...
I think I started getting sick right around the A1A half marathon in February so we have officially passed the 30 day mark. Being sick for an entire month is exhausting (and annoying). I start a different medication regime tomorrow which will hopefully allow me to feel better in time for my group long run on Sunday.

What's your 2017 mileage total so far? Do you have a specific mileage goal for this year?

Have you ever done a running streak? If yes, for how long?

What's the longest streak (of any kind) that you've done? What was it for?


  1. I was thinking about your family recently. ((Hugs)) I hope you get some answers soon and of course wish the best.

    As for my stats, I am at 199 miles for the year so far. We're almost running twinsies LOL.

    1. Thanks Jenny!
      199 miles is awesome! Do you have a goal for the year or just trying to run as much as possible?

    2. Officially it's 800 which puts me just ahead of schedule but secretly I am hoping for 1000. LOL. But in reality I want to just increase my base mileage and then maybe train for a marathon later this year so I figure it'll add up on its own without me having to worry too much.

    3. Oh I hope you get to 1000! That's an awesome goal for the year! Once marathon training starts you will definitely get there :)


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