Sunday, March 12, 2017

What Today Taught Me...

Today I got confirmation that I'm not better (the coughing spams all of last night should have been my first clue) and it's not a good idea to attempt to run a "fast" 10K when I'm sick. Because what ends up happening is an "average" 5K...

...where I run mile 1 too fast and subsequently crash by mile 3...

I ran with Dafney this morning and when I paused my run at the 5K mark I was having trouble breathing and took an extended walk break (which lasted the duration of the return trip to the car). Dafney was a good sport about it though...

And I spent 70% of the rest of my day in bed intermittently napping, reading, and watching shows on Hulu. The other 30% was spent cooking, doing some errands, and helping Kai with her research paper. My laptop remained hijacked for most of the day in support of her research (so as I type this post on my phone please forgive excessive grammatical errors and limited pictures).

I wanted to kick off my Ragnar Niagara Falls training this week but I think I need more time (and more medicine). I'm going to try and run beyond my one mile minimum as much as I can, but without overdoing it (mileage wise) and while maintaining a pace that won't make me feel like I'm gasping for oxygen. And this weekend will be a low mileage weekend for me since I'm traveling, so I'm officially pushing back my Ragnar training start until Monday March 20th. That will give me about 9 weeks to prepare. That should be enough time right? I'm going to train up to 20 miles but (barring unforeseen circumstances) I'll probably be runner 2 and only have to run a max of 15 miles (give or take)...

I have found that training beyond the total assigned mileage is helpful for Ragnar relays because once the fatigue kicks in I'll feel like I'm running more mileage than I actually am. In fact by my 3rd leg I'll probably feel like I ran a marathon 🙈. But the total experience makes it worth it and plus... I GET TO RUN IN CANADA!!!

It will be the first of my two international races this year (the Berlin marathon is the other) and the first of two (possibly three) Ragnar Relays (Ragnar South Beach (confirmed) & Ragnar Trail Alafia (potential) are the others).

I'm really excited about my race calendar for 2017. There are lots of memory making moments on the horizon and I'm excited about each and every one of them. The trips themselves are going to be amazing and the fact that I will be running with friends or family and/or traveling with people I love will make them even better 😍.

I hope you had a great Sunday!

What are you looking forward to the most about your 2017 race calendar?

Do you have an international race or a Ragnar Relay planned for this year?


  1. The Ragnar looks exciting!!! I think your plan sounds good! I hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you want to join my Ragnar South Beach team!


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