Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back in the water...

I got to the gym for my first swim of 2015 much later than I usually do on my gym days. I was up late trying to fix an issue with my laptop (a huge problem when you blog & teach online) and ended up falling asleep a lot closer to Wednesday morning than I would have liked.

As tempting as more sleep always is, 4:30am found me in the pool at the gym swimming my way towards finding my inner Nemo...

The challenge with getting to the gym/pool at that time is that everyone gets to the gym/pool at that time. So, in addition to trying to find ideal parking that's not too far from the entrance, away from dark or remote spots, and in view of a (probably unmanned) security camera, you have to deal with the "waiting". Waiting for machines (if you are attempting a gym routine) or waiting for a lane in the pool to be clear.

It's not that I mind "sharing the lane" per se, but when I'm having a leisurely swim and others seem to be attempting their Olympic qualifying trials in the 25m pool, it doesn't really allow for a streamlined flow of relaxing swimming energy.

I ramble on about this to explain why I only swam for 30 minutes this morning. It was a great 30 minute workout while it lasted, but my goal time was 45-60 minutes so I still kind of feel like I didn't quite do enough.

Once I got home I did a 20 minute yoga routine and then spent a few minutes working on my tree pose (learning to balance with my eyes closed is hard work but I refuse to give up)...

I got some heartbreaking news today...I didn't get picked for the NYC Marathon lottery for November 2015 (BOOOOOOO!!!!). Actually I'm not really heart broken (I'll try again in 2017) because who knows how my body is going to feel after the Chicago full in October. This is probably Nature's way of telling me to "calm down" full marathon a year is enough. Right now my only focus should be getting ready for the Miami half (which is less than 3 weeks away!!!). I think I might drive the route this weekend (or next) since the sponsors have graciously provided turn-by-turn directions for all the Type-A, OCD runners participating in this year's event ("aka" me)...
(I am 100% looking forward to this race! My first half of 2015!!!!!)

Today was an "off" day for me. I've been having periods of dizziness over the past few days, but they were brief and intermittent so I wasn't too worried about it. I figured I was either:
1. not getting enough sleep
2. not eating properly
3. not hydrating enough
4. any combination of the above; or
5. all of the above

Today, however, I pretty much felt dizzy all day (which is a really horrible feeling), and as a result I felt nauseous (which feels even worse), and feeling nauseous made eating less enjoyable (which is the worst feeling in the world!). I'm going to try and get to bed earlier tonight so that I can catch up on some sleep and be well rested for my run tomorrow morning.

Is anyone running the Miami Half or Full marathon on the 25th? 
How is your running/cross training going this week?


  1. My friend put in for NYC marathon I will have to see if she got picked. That is a bummer though. The Miami Half sounds like lots of fun, if I had some extra cash to travel I definitely would!

    1. Yeah it's a great race to participate in (so I hear). I hope your friend got through!


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