Friday, January 16, 2015

It's time for the weekend festivities to begin!!!!

I started my weekend festivities early because I was off from work today (yay!!!). First, I got up this morning to run with my baby sister. We were both excited until we were greeted by cold and gloomy weather (and then I was the only one still excited)...

But we ran anyway. We did a 5K loop around the surrounding neighborhoods... running for a bit and walking for a bit... and talking the entire time. We decided to do a "tech-less" run/walk session today because it's easier for me to do that when my workout sessions are unstructured. Plus it was nice to just relax and "hang out" while we were working out. After, we took the obligatory "post-workout social media proof" selfie...

And then we got ready to pick up her dress from this amazing bridal boutique...

With all the alterations complete, the dress fitting like a glove (Jule is a gorgeous bride-to-be), and with the mother-of-the-bride finally getting her dress as well, we decided to celebrate...
(we had real food too but this was the highlight of my day)

All throughout Miami we saw reminders of the upcoming race weekend next week...

And of course today was the day for the big reveal of the race medal for the #MiamiFamous half marathon!!!! 
This was how I felt...
when I saw this...
I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!!!

I'm keeping the "giveaway" for the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half Marathon registration (aka opportunity to get my bib transferred to you) open for 1 week so if you are interested please comment on THIS POST.

Tomorrow I will be traveling all day with my mom, sister and Kai (I'll tell you all about it on Sunday's post) and on Sunday my plan is to run 8 miles. I contemplated only doing my 6 taper miles but I think I should do 8 so that the extra 2 miles can make up for today's very easy session....and this week's poor cross training efforts). 

Who else is going to be #MiamiFamous with me next week??? 

Tell me about your training this week...what did you do? did you run? cross train?

What's your favorite dessert indulgence?


  1. Oh wow, my husband and I ran the Miami marathon (I did the half he did the full) in 2009! I LOVED that race! Being from Eastern Canada though with a race in January we were not acclimatized to the humidity. The bling was amazing though. :)

  2. I'm so excited about the medal!!! They really do a good job at making sure their race bling is amazing! I can't wait for the race :)

  3. I missed my training run on thursday because of a work event, and ran 4mi on Friday, 2+ on Saturday, and 5 on Sunday, which I'm not used to at all! I was glad to have a rest day yesterday. Back to it again today!

    That's a very nice medal!
    Mei (ps I started blogging at

  4. three days back to! That's impressive :) I try not to do more than two (my achy joints can't handle much more than that). I will definitely check out your blog! If you add your blog URL and name when you comment then others can click on your blog link a lot easier (helps drive traffic to your page) :)


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