Monday, January 19, 2015

The Countdown Begins!!!!!

Welcome to Race Week all my fellow #MiamiFamous runners!!!!

The Miami Half/Full Marathon Race Week Countdown begins today!!! I will be #MiamiFamous in...
FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!
I'm not counting today (which is basically over), and I'm not counting race day.... so really it's only 5 days until the inaugural event of my 2015 race season!!!

I saw an article today that said there was an issue with the amount of half marathon finisher medals at the event in 2014... but the race sponsors said that was not going to be a problem this year. Yeah... it better not be <feel free to insert poker face emoji here>. Especially not after they did that big medal reveal on pretty much every social media site that exists. Plus, this race will be my third race in the Florida Storm Series, which means....I WILL ALSO GET MY CATEGORY 3 MEDAL!!!!

I saw this quote the other day and posted it to my Instagram because it so accurately described me...

And then my amazing brother-in-law to-be tagged me in this picture (you can see my response below)

(it really does bother me by-the-way...seriously, who would intentionally do that???)

I'm keeping this blog post short today because I have a few a ton of assignments to grade for my online classes and I want to get that started so I'm not up all night (since that didn't work out too well for me last week). 

Hope you had a great Monday! 

What are your taper plans for this week (if you are racing this weekend)?


  1. I am still in recovery mode from my marathon last week! Good luck to you in Miami. Sounds like a great race series!

    1. Thanks! The extra medals make it a lot more interesting for me ;)
      I hope you are enjoying recovery mode :) What's next on your racing agenda?

  2. Oh wow, have a great time at the Miami marathon! My husband and I did it in 2010 and loved it!

    1. Thank you! I really am hoping for a great weekend :) Glad you guys liked it when you did it !


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