Monday, January 12, 2015

~ Casa Mofongo Latin Grill ~

As promised, I wanted to take a moment to feature the restaurant I ate at on Sunday with my mom, Jule and Kai. After a long day of wedding shoes shopping (fun) and walking around the mall, and up & down Miracle Mile, the three generations of Operation "Perfect Pair" were tired and hungry. We came across Casa Mofongo Latin Grill by chance and decided to dine there for dinner. It was the best cuisine related decision I've made in a loooooong time!

I was hungry (my normal baseline), just a teeny tiny bit grumpy (you know...cause shopping doesn't exactly put me in the best of moods), and tired (the 12 miles I ran on Sunday morning might have had something to do with that), so I was ready to order something (anything) as soon as I walked in the door...
 (me and the troops from Operation "Perfect Pair" smiling through our "hunger pains" while waiting for our food)

I ordered the grilled chicken breast, which comes with rice & beans and a salad, and corn fritters (it was a high carb kind of day). The food was AMAZING! I know it would have been nice of me to take some pictures of the food for you but: 1) I wasn't planning to blog about it before I ate; & 2) I was way too hungry to stop and take pictures.
Everyone really enjoyed their meals (I was too busy chewing to concentrate on the other entrees at the table so I can't remember what signature dishes everyone had), and we were ready to walk out the door when we saw the desserts that another family had ordered. So we ordered dessert too (and this time I remembered to take a couple of pictures for you)...
Top: Coconut Flan......Bottom: Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream

I was only able to have a small amount of the dessert items (dairy causes me to get migraines) but the 3 tiny spoonfuls were delicious! My mom, sister and Kai all agree that the food and desserts were amazing! It was a good thing Jule had 24 hours before her final wedding dress fitting because we were all so stuffed afterwards! 

Not only was the food great, but the service was truly impressive. We had the best waiter (Alejandro), which made such a difference in the dining experience! 

This isn't a food blog and I'm certainly not a "foodie" but it takes a lot to impress me when dining out, and I was truly impressed yesterday. I asked Meredith Lopez (the owner of Casa Mofongo) if I could feature her restaurant on my blog (she said yes obviously) and I wanted to make sure I didn't rush through it with my regular blog post yesterday. The experience was so great that it truly warranted a special blog post :)

There are several ways to make me happy and I guarantee you that feeding me good food is at the top of that list! 

For South Florida locals that want to check out this amazing restaurant you can find them at:
130 Miracle Mile H101
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(786) 616 8886

or visit their Facebook page for more info (and pictures of their food!)

***This post is not sponsored by Casa Mofongo, the owner, or any individual or organization affiliated with the restaurant. This review and content are representative of the experience I had when I went.***

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