Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Authentic Self...

Today started off great with an awesome 5K run (non-stop & knee brace free)...

I was focused on monitoring my cadence today, but instead of running to music I turned on my metronome app and set it to 180. My cadence breakdown from Garmin shows that I stayed pretty much on target this morning...

Post run pic...
(drenched in sweat because I decided to "sprint" the last mile of my taper run)

Today's Milepost Motivation was the perfect reflection of my mood after my run...
And that optimistic frame of mind lasted for most of my day... up until I got home and discovered that my cc information was stolen and used to rack up over $900 worth of online concert & airline tickets. I'm annoyed, but it's being handled so let's move on...

When my mom was here last week she told me how happy she was that I found such joy in running, and how proud of me she was that I'm so focused and determined and "sticking with it". It probably comes as a shock to many people that I've been consistent with running for so long. Not because I give up on things easily (anyone who knows me would likely attest that I will keep on trying long after I should have walked away or given up). Rather, it probably comes as a surprise to people who know me simply because they have seen me run, and it definitely is not a natural talent or gift of mine. 
I may not be an elite runner, and I will probably never get sponsored by Brooks or any of my other favorite running brands, but I'm content with simply running for myself & staying focused on my goals...

Over the past year and a half, running has helped me put a lot about my life into perspective. And the past week and a half has reinforced the importance of finding the things that you are passionate about, holding on to them, and being unapologetic about it...
Of course, nothing is more important to me than my family & friends (not even running), but I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people who love me, appreciate my authentic self, & support this passion of mine.

The Countdown continues... #MiamiFamous in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

The deadline to be entered to win the bib transfer for the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half Marathon is approaching. Comment on This Blog Post to enter :)

What's your running schedule normally like during your race week?


  1. During race week my running is pretty light so that I can be fresh on race day!! Have fun :)

    1. Thanks Katie! I definitely haven't been doing a lot this week. It hasn't been a great week for swimming and I haven't been able to drag myself out of bed to go to the gym for other types of cross training, so apart from taper runs and a little bit of yoga this week has been quiet. I'mm looking forward to having "fresh legs" on race day :)

  2. Congratulations on your morning 5K! Can you share the name of the metronome app?

    I haven't done a race longer than a 5K, so I usually just do my regular running. I'm excited to see how the routine changes when I do a 10K or half!


    1. The app is called MetroTimer (it has a lowercase blue "m" and "t" on it and the background is dark grayish/blackish. When do you start training for the 10K or half?

    2. Thanks! I'm training for a 10K right now, even though I haven't signed up for one yet. It's more of an 'I think I can do it, so I'll try' thing.



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