Monday, January 5, 2015

How motivated are you?

Mondays have traditionally been rest days for me, but I decided to do some yoga this morning. "Yoga Mondays" will be replacing my typical "rest and do nothing" days because I really need to work on my core strength, balance and flexibility this year. I have a new approach to my training and a renewed sense of motivation...which is good (I think) because I have quite a few lofty goals for 2015...
In keeping with my renewed sense of motivation, I read this article on the 12 habits of highly motivated runners and decided to convert it into a "test" format (as you can see I'm back in teaching mode for my online classes and naturally that is spilling over to the blog post for today). And because "tests" are no fun without a grade I created a little scoring criteria so that you can grade yourself accordingly.
We can all benefit from a little "self evaluation" right? Ok, so here are the rules "instructions": answer the questions below (be honest with yourself!); total your score (see grading criteria at the end); review how motivated you are as a runner (in a purely unscientific analysis); make plans to improve or continue on the same path!

Ok, here goes....the "How Motivated Are You?" quiz***
1.        Do you run in the morning?
a.        Yes! At least 3 times a week
b.        No, but I run at other times regularly
c.        This test is about running???

2.        Do you strength train regularly (weights/plyometrics)?
a.        Yes, I strength train regularly and safely
b.        I strength train occasionally
c.        I think weight benches are best used for hanging laundry

3.        Do you cross train regularly?
a.        I cross train regularly on my non-running days
b.        I try to fit in a few non-running activities each month
c.        I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me

4.        Do you eat a lot of vegetables?
a.        I eat a lot of vegetables in a variety of colors
b.        I have a salad now and then
c.        French fries are vegetables right?

5.        Do you warm up before a run; stretch & foam roll after a run?
a.        I warm up, stretch and foam roll regularly
b.        I do one of these three activities
c.        No L

6.        Do you unplug on the run once a week?
a.        Yes, I believe in having one "tech-free" run each week
b.        Maybe, once a month
c.        Unplug?? Really?? What would I post to Facebook if I did that???

7.        Do you cook at home often?
a.        I believe in having regular, healthy, home cooked meals at least 4-5 times a week
b.        If "often" means once a week then yes
c.        Buying food every day allows me to support the economy. It's a public service really. You're welcome.

8.        Do you have one weekly long run?
a.        Yes, I dedicate one of my runs as my long run
b.        I have a long run every 2 weeks or so
c.        Define "long"… is that like a 2K?

9.        Do you get enough sleep?
a.        Yes, I aim for 8 hours every night
b.        I get 5-6 hours of sleep each night
c.        HA! Sleep is for the weak!

10.     Do you apply sunscreen before every run?
a.        Yes, I believe that protecting my skin from harmful UV rays is vitally important
b.        Occasionally, if I remember, I will put sunscreen on
c.        Next question please…

11.     Do you eat breakfast every day?
a.        Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day
b.        I try and have breakfast most mornings
c.        Does coffee count as breakfast?

12.     Do you minimize the amount of time you're sitting?
a.        I try and get up and walk around often during the day
b.        I get up and walk once or twice a day
c.        I sit all day, every day

A: 2 points
B: 1 point
C: 0 points

Now total your score…

18-24: Highly Motivated
While we all have areas we can improve upon, you are definitely heading in the right direction. You have most of the habits of a highly motivated runner J Great Job!

11-17: Moderately Motivated
Well…you have some work to do but don't worry, all is not lost. Maybe you run on occasion for fun, or maybe you just haven't been able to develop all of these habits yet. There is still hope, don't give up!

0-10: Not really motivated
Hmmmm, ok, here's the thing….some of your habits could use some work. You did know that this quiz was about running right? Never-the-less, we all have to start somewhere. Try changing 1 or 2 habits at a time and stay focused!

How did you score? I got 18 which isn't too bad, but there are still several things I need to work getting more sleep and cooking more often ;)
***DISCLAIMER: There is no science behind this "quiz". All the questions are based on the habits discussed in the article, but the answer choices are my own (and therefore completely and wholeheartedly unscientific). Have fun with it and remember that "motivation" is subjective…after all, you're only running for yourself :)
Regardless of what you scored ("aka" how motivated you are) running should be fun. Continue running as long as you are enjoying every aspect of the process.

How do you deal with periods of "low motivation"?
What motivated you to start running? What motivates you to continue?
Comment below to post your score...don't be afraid, this is a safe place :)


  1. Thanks for putting this together! I will need to come back tonight when I have more time and take the quiz!

    I usually assume I have low motivation for a reason when it happens... like my body telling me I just really need a break so I try to listen to it within reason. If it goes on for too long then I know I need to change something up (new music, new route, new easily attainable goal, etc.) to get back on track!

    1. Let me know how you score :)
      I battle with periods of low motivation at times too...especially when it comes to cross training and when I don't see myself improving as much as I would like to with my running, It always helps to have a way to refocus...changing up my route or setting achievable goals is a great idea :)


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