Friday, January 23, 2015

Five Friday Favorites... including the "Giveaway" WINNER!!!!!!

So I did it. I got up and went to the gym this morning (I got there by 4am so my alarms actually worked!). My gym session was light this morning, but more than I've done in a long time:
Upright bike x 30 minutes
Recumbent bike x 30 minutes
Elliptical x 30 minutes

I kept myself distracted from the boredom of the session by posting to Instagram, catching up on my Facebook feed, and watching episodes of Brothers & Sisters on Hulu+. Oh and I also did a little bit of work for my online class (just call me the multi-task queen).

It's Friday!!!!! That means several things this week:
 ~ No work for two days!
 ~ I'll be Miami Famous in one day!!
 ~ It's time for my Five Friday Favorites...
1. Food...
I had my current "favorite" lunch again today thanks to my recent obsession with Thai food and especially this dish...
Cashew chicken with brown rice. A-MAZ-ING!!!

2. Fitness...
I did a wall sit today!! AFTER the gym thank you very much. I only lasted 2 minutes (I blame it on the 90 minutes of legs were tired, yeah that's it). Irrespective of the random excuse I'm choosing to pull out of thin air, I think it's time to resurrect the wall sit challenge for the month of Feb. I had gotten up to 5 minutes the last time I did this challenge, so doing two minutes is kind of sad. But as I embark on this venture again I will keep in mind the motivational message I saw at the gym this morning...
including your own! 

3. Fun Fact...
As much as I may claim to have a Type A personality with OCD tendencies, I only have a sprinkle dash some of those qualities in certain aspects of my life. One such aspect is with my email folders. Does anyone else have their personal email folders organized by running event?
My work email folders are worse. I have folders, sub-folders, & sub-sub-folders for EVERYTHING.

4. Friends...
I was almost successful at convincing one of my best friends to come running with me with these motivational quotes I posted to Instagram today. Almost...
Since running inspirational quotes didn't work, next in line will be bribing with food or a guilt trip :)

5. Something Fantastic...
Today is the day that the winner for the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half Marathon bib transfer "giveaway" is selected!!!!!! I've always wondered how the winners for these blog giveaways are chosen (mainly cause I never get picked. If I did get picked I would never question the selection process). My method was pretty simple: write the name of each participant on a slip of paper; put slips of paper into small plastic bag; seal bag; shake bag; close eyes; randomly pick a slip of paper; write this blog post; announce winner here.....


The bib transfer process requires a few forms to be completed so please email me so that I can get those forms to you! And remember to take lots of pictures to share when you do the event! Congrats again!!!!

What were some of your favorite things today?

Any big weekend plans? 

Have you ever won a giveaway? What did you get?


  1. OMG! THANK YOU LeAnne! I'm sending you my email right now!



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