Thursday, January 29, 2015


I was up at the crack of dawn grading quizzes and papers for the courses I'm teaching. I'm a firm believer that if I have to get up at 3am it should be to workout, not to do work. But between the work this morning and the work I did when I got home (after my regular 9-5 job), grading is pretty much complete for this week (yay!!!). Now it's time to post assignments for next week (sigh). 
(I love teaching online... it just gets time consuming, but I still love it)
I was looking at old pictures on Facebook today and came across this one of the baby sister and me at my twin sister's rehearsal dinner for her wedding (6+ years ago... or is it 7+???). In March the baby sister will be the one getting married... 

(Where does all the time go? Just the other day she was off to kindergarten with her over sized pink lunch box and pig tails)
I saw this on the Runner Girl Facebook page and had to share it...
My love for running has led me to have a greater appreciation for life. Yesterday during a conversation about my running journey I said "I don't know who I was before I started running, I can't remember that person and how she dealt with life". It's funny how a "simple" decision to start training for a marathon so that I could run with my twin sister led me to discover a whole new version of myself. I'm humbled by that, and grateful for it.
Tomorrow I'm doing something kind of "new" and running related... I'm taking over the @thatindierunner Instagram page for 24 hours and doing "A Day in the Life of ThisIsMyFaster"...
(It's a pretty cool concept so if you are on IG just follow @thatindierunner and you can see my posts. You can also follow me @thisismyfaster)
Tomorrow is a running day!!! I'm not sure what my mileage plan will be (I'll see how my legs feel when I get up) but I definitely want to have an interval-free running session. I'm hoping the weather will be tolerable and I will be well rested. So with that thought I'm off to bed! 

Hope you had a great Thursday!!! Be sure to check out IG tomorrow for the Indie Runner Takeover :)

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