Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just a few more...

I started my day with a 6 mile run with the Pacers Running Club (a popular running group in Jamaica). It was a nice "out-and-back" route with only a few inclines. The run started early, which meant that it was pretty dark when the group headed out. Most members were running 4 miles, some were going to run 6 miles, and a few brave souls were aiming for 8 -10 miles. I left my knee brace at home because initially I only planned to do 4 miles, but at the 2 mile water stop the hosting members convinced us to run to the 3 mile turn around point (so we did) and then we retraced our steps back to the start for a total of 6 miles...

Because it was dark when we started, and I'm afflicted with "navigational deficiency syndrome" I convinced one of my friends to run the route with me using intervals (aka the "Galloway method"). We started with 5:1s but then dropped down to 3:1s when 5 became too much (still running on tired legs). After the 6 mile run I did a lot of stretching (much more than I normally do...which is pretty much little to none) while I waited for other friends to finish...
(6 miles later...legs still feeling strong without my knee brace) 

Today was bittersweet. It started off well with my last running adventure with both new & old running friends (that was the "sweet" portion of my day). But then it was time to finish packing and get ready to head back home to FL. Normally when I'm on vacation I get to a point where the "it's time to go home" feelings start surfacing. I start to miss my normal routine and the ability to jump in my car and head anywhere I need to go. But this trip has been different. It's been one activity after another and the time has passed by so quickly that I almost feel like I need a few more days. A few more rest days at the beach with my sisters. A few more early morning runs with friends. A few more plyometric workouts. Just a few more moments to pause and take in a breath of fresh air...
(the view I will be missing)

Unfortunately that can't happen this trip. I have work and Kai has school on Monday. Plus tomorrow is my long run day with my official running group (although I'm not sure how many miles I'm going to be doing after running 6 today...maybe another 6?).

My "good-bye vacation" selfie...

How has your running been so far this year? (I know it's only been 3 days)


  1. Happy New Year! Wow, it looks like a beautiful place to vacation!!!! So far, my running has been going well in the new year except today we are getting totally blasted with a snow and ice storm. :(

    1. I'm sorry about the snow storm :( hopefully it will pass by quickly so you can hit the road running again soon!

  2. So far running this year has been really great! It always is hard for me to come back from a vacation but once I am home my routines fall into place and that always makes me feel relaxed!

  3. So glad to hear things are going great!


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