Monday, January 16, 2017

Engineered for Endurance...

We all have our running "go to" brands. The ones we rely on for accuracy, comfort or safety. The brands with products that are permanently on our wish lists. And while I have different brands that I depend on for different things, my "go to" brand for running tights is CW-X. Without a doubt they are the best running tights I've ever worn!

I'm not going to go into all the magical technical details about their patented support web because you can read all about it on their website [link at the end of the post]. But what I will do is give you my personal (unpaid and therefore unbiased) review.

{As a little disclaimer, I did get a pair of running pants to tryout. But CW-X didn't ask me to review or promote it. I'm doing that on my own because I love their products, and they work really well for me}

Back in the dark days (let's call that period "pre-CW-X") I wore a knee brace and used KT tape and a variety of different warps when I ran. During my pre-CW-X days I needed the knee brace, and then that progressed into being too scared to run without it. But one day (let's call that "the day my knees fell back in love with me") I heard about CW-X and found my way to their website to check them out. I did hours of research on their line of running tights since I wasn't 100% certain what type of support I needed. I also looked at a few reviews, and stopped people after races to ask them if they thought the tights were a good deal (they all said yes). But at the end of the day, when I went to buy my very first pair I chose the tights that had the most symbols beside it cause I figured the more stuff the tights can do the better...

My first pair carried me through my long runs as I was training for the Chicago Marathon back in 2015. In fact I was wearing them when I fell during my first 20 miler. I fell at mile 5 and I got up and continued to run for another 15 miles; but it was in that moment, when I was on the ground at mile 5, that realized the most important thing about the tights... none of those symbols mean "anti-clumsiness".

I ripped a hole in the knee of my very first pair when I fell on that run but I promptly patched them up until I could save for another pair...

After purchasing my first & second pairs in 2015 I discovered that there were even more symbols! 

So I bought my third pair and trained in them for the NY Marathon...

These aren't just marathon running tights though. They are "engineered for endurance" but even the shorter races require endurance training (and endurance support). This is a picture of me running in CW-X at the Hot Chocolate 15K (Dec 2016)...

My fourth pair was purchased at the Chicago Half Marathon expo (Sept 2016) but I didn't run in them for that race ( because "nothing new on race day" 😉). This particular pair doesn't feel as supportive (i.e. less symbols) so I mostly wear them on shorter training runs...
(I'm not even sure if they make these anymore cause I can't find them on their website)

I got my most recent pair of CW-X running tights a few weeks ago. It's their limited edition "Tokyo Nights" graphic design, and so far I've worn them on two short runs...

The pictures doesn't allow you to see the details well so here's a better image...

Tokyo Nights (and their seamless design) is a little different from the other pairs that I have...
(But it has enough symbols to keep me happy and has a nice, smooth, supportive feel 😊)

Next on my CW-X wish list is a Chicago themed pair 😀. Hopefully one day they will come up with that design.
Take a moment to visit the CW-X website! You won't regret it I promise!!! CW-X

What are your "go to" brands?

Have you ever tried CW-X running rights? (or their other items?)

Did you check out the CW-X website yet? 


  1. I was actually wondering about these! I think you mentioned them before and I saw some similar ones at the running store. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been having knee issues and wearing a brace when I'm not running and thought about doing kt tape for running. I'm going to look into these... though I'm a little afraid to go see how much they are LOL.

    1. It's worth the investment trust me! You won't regret it :)
      I used to use KT tape and a knee brace and have not needed them since I started running in these pants, especially for my longer runs ;)


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