Friday, January 13, 2017

Two More Miles & Cross Training Goals...

I added two more miles to my 2017 mileage log today...

This time I really made a conscious effort to stay close to an 11:30min/mile pace and stick to structured walk breaks...

The plan for this weekend is a 5K run on Saturday morning, Pilates by the beach on Saturday afternoon, and a 6-8 mile run on Sunday morning. Somewhere in there I'll need to fit in some yoga/stretching/foam rolling because I can feel my muscles getting tight from this running streak. 

I also need to resuscitate my cross training. It's been pretty non-existent for a while and that has to change. As part of their 30-Day Challenge Ragnar posted some suggestions for cross training this week...
Based on their suggestions I would need to do: 30 side lunges; 1 min wall sit; 20 burpees; 10 chair dips x 2; & another 1 minute wall sit.

They suggest repeating the cycle a few times but I prefer the variety of adding my middle name instead, which would mean: 50 thighs to hand; 1 min right side plank; 1 min arm up hold; 20 burpees; 50 butt kicks; 1 min right side plank (that I would probably switch to the left side just to balance things out... even though the "spelling" would be off 😉). 

And then for added torture variety my last name would enhance it to include: 50 jumping jacks; 2 min plank; 1 min mountain climbers; 10 chair dips; 10 box jumps (which will be really hard for me since I've never been able to do a box jump). 

All in all it's a pretty comprehensive workout. I like the "pick a name" option so I can rotate which cross training routine I want to do and/or combine routines in different orders to allow for even greater variety. I actually think I'm going to have a lot of fun with it 😊.

Another cross training workout option (also from Ragnar) is this one...

I'm not a cross training guru so some of these exercises I'm actually going to have to look up before I start navigating through the maze of options. But, once again, the variety is nice and being able to focus on your target area(s) is awesome 😁.

What do you think about these cross training plans?

What would your "first name" workout be?

What areas do you focus on the most when you cross train: arms, legs, or core?

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