Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This Will Be Quick...

I love you all so very much but let me just say that this blog post is really a "I want to maintain this blogging streak I committed to" post. So basically it's going to be very short, quick and sweet. Well, maybe not "sweet" per se, but short and quick for sure.

Remember when I said (yesterday) that I was going to do some cross training today? I didn't 😔. I went to bed late and as a result maintained an ongoing tactile relationship with my alarm's snooze button this morning.

Work was a productive blur and today was another emotionally exhausting day so I was glad when I got home and could finally run. (By-the-way, I truly appreciated all the positive thoughts, calls, and prayers. Thank you to everyone who reached out). 

As I pulled into my parking spot I noticed it was starting to rain and the skies looked gloomy. I didn't want to wait to see if the rain would pass so I changed into a running top (I left on my scrub pants & work sneakers) and ran my one mile around my complex. I was aiming for an 11:30min/mile pace (as I said I would) but somehow this happened...

It looks like I'm well on my way to achieving my running dream...

I'm going to be accepting applications for a gym partner soon. I need someone to cross train with who doesn't mind going to the gym at 3am to workout 😊. None of my running friends accept my cross training invitations. When we reach that point in our Summer training where we start our long runs at 3am so we can avoid some of the heat and humidity I get very few complaints. But mention strength training at 3am and all I hear is a mini lecture on the importance of sleep 😒.

My gym partner criteria is pretty simple:
1. Must be a morning person
2. Must not complain if they're not a morning person
3. Must understand that I strength train to help me run faster and stronger (in other words don't ask me to squat 125lbs... I will fire you 😑).

Until I get some applicants I guess I'm going to have to try and find the motivation to get up and cross train by myself. I used to be so self motivated about my cross training, but over the past year I have becoming increasingly lazy where that is concerned 😔. 

What about you? Do you like to cross train?

What's your favorite non-running workout?

Have you ever "achieved" blurry running pic?

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