Monday, January 23, 2017

The First Race Week of 2017!!!

It's hard to believe I'm less than a week away from the Miami Half Marathon (and of course the Tropical 5K). In 2016 when I signed up for the 2017 full marathon I was confident I would be ready. And even though a part of me (a very small part) wishes that I was properly trained for the full, I'm really glad I decided to do the half marathon instead. 

I love the Miami Half Marathon experience! I've enjoyed this race the past two years that I've done it. The race truly feels like a party from start to finish line. The vibe is incredible and the weather even more so (it's been cold for the past 2 years, so therefore amazing)

Going into the race I know I'm going to have the same pre-race jitters I normally do when I'm aiming for a specific finish time. But I'm trying to figure out how to turn that nervous energy into speed since I'm hoping for a course PR this year. In previous years I was able to shave off a few seconds off my Miami Half time. In 2015 my finish time was 2:39:59, and in 2016 my finish time was 2:39:22. My goal for this year is a finish time of 2:38:59 (or faster). 

I know it won't be easy because I haven't been running at that pace over long distances, and my muscles are already tired from this running streak...

But I'm going to try and do my best 😊. Plus I have other half marathons coming up and I ultimately want a half marathon PR this year (current 1/2 PR: 2:26:41). So whether or not Miami brings a course PR, I will still have other opportunities to get a half PR in the next few weeks. 

 In other news, I kept up my running streak today with a quick one mile run...

I decided to run this mile non-stop mainly because I wanted to finish as quickly as I could, but also because I'm trying to build up endurance for my one mile runs. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can run them all non-stop without too much difficulty. 

Are you running the Miami Half or full this weekend? (Or the Tropical 5K?)

What's your half marathon PR?

What's your favorite thing about Race Week?


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